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Caitlin Portrait.jpeg

About Caitlin

My name is Caitlin Callahan.


It has been my passion to play soccer at the collegiate level since I was young. I have been playing soccer for 10 years. I am a defender. I am always looking for ways to challenge myself to be better and encourage my teammates to excel. 


I am a hardworking, determined coachable player. I am always striving to better myself as a player on the field as well as a student in the classroom.


My work ethic is like non other, I will do whatever it takes to succeed.


Soccer Is
My Life.
The Rest Is 
Just Details.


My Personal Details and Statement

  • Height: 5’5” Weight: 135 lbs

  • Right and Left-footed

  • Strength: Attacking, tackling, passing, speed and agility, ball control

  • Overall GPA: 3.7, Class Rank:   90%

  • PSAT - SAT Equivalent Score 1320

  • SAT Score: have not taken yet

  • ACT Score: have not taken yet

  • College Major:  Biology

Driven, goal-oriented team player eager to play on progressive college soccer team that rewards dedication, discipline, and performance. Exceptional student who is motivated, confident, and hard working.

Highlight Reels

Caitlin Clips - Friday and Saturday Championship Game - SD 480p

Caitlin Clips - Friday and Saturday Championship Game - SD 480p

All Categories
All Categories

Caitlin Clips - Friday and Saturday Championship Game - SD 480p

Highlights of Workout Routine

F2020 Offensive Zone Play


BHS JV Team as a Freshman 2019 Center Back ​ 
No Varsity Season 2020 Due to Covid

North Central College ID Camp

Summer 2019



Strikers - IL 2nd place MWC 1st Division League

Chicago Girls Multi Exact ID Camp

Winter 2020



Strikers - IL Presidents Cup Runner up 2019 & 20
Designated Presidents Cup Region Wildcard 2020



Strikers – IL
State Cup quarter-finalist 2018
Strikers - IL - National League - Midwest 

Conference - Premier I Conference Champions 2021

Photo Gallery

Young Cait Kicking
Ball Control
Surf Cup Goal
Cait Midwest Conference
Crotation Team
Cait Action Empire
2015 Action Shot Running
2015 Action Shot
Team Photo 2018
Night Game Team Chicago
Young Defender
Cait Young Alone
Cait Young Trophy
Cait Young Throw In

What do Caitlin's Coaches Say


Pat Feulner

FV StrikersHead


“Caitlin has played outside back for me for 5 seasons and is one of the most intelligent backs I’ve coached. We emphasize getting our backs up into our attack. Caitlin has worked very hard on attacking techniques to go along with her defensive skills. Caitlin is one of the hardest working members of our squad on and off the field. She continues to improve her game especially in her mental ability to read the game and eliminate mistakes.”


David King

FV Strikers, Defensive Coach


Caitlin is as a defender is a smart soccer player. He ability to read the game and anticipate play is exceptional. She works hard in season and off season. Caitlin is a leader on the pitch. This season she has really added confidence by being more aggressive in the run of play...


Mark Gianfrancesco

BHS Varsity Head Coach


“Caitlin played an integral role in the success of our Junior Varsity team. As a freshman, she played with confidence, commitment and was a positive leader on and off the field. Caitlin strives to learn and grow as a player. She is able to take coaching points and seamlessly apply them to her game. She is the type of player coaches love to have because she has the technical skills to play as well as possesses a keen understanding of what it means to be a teammate; she is supportive and caring but also fearless and competitive. She would be a great addition to any team lucky enough to have her. 

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